Welcome to my blarg!

Hi folks!  As I’ve not told anyone but my wife about this project, I don’t expect many people to read this post anytime soon.  But when I become fabulously rich and famous based on the exploits of this blarg, I know everyone will come rushing back to see where it all began.

I’ve seen a number of friends share their ideas and talent via a range of social media, so I figured why not put a bit of myself out there as well?  Mind you my blarg will probably be a bit more scatterbrained and non-linear, but maybe that will just add to the appeal.

I like the following things: beer, food, cooking, Colorado, skiing, being outside, traveling, dogs, airplanes and a lot more….

I dislike the following things: lousy beer, mushrooms, traffic, the Oakland Raiders, and, above all, centipedes.  Ok, truthfully, there are a lot more things I dislike, but I can’t alienate too much of my potential audience right off the bat.  But seriously, the centipedes can get the hell out.

So this will probably be a lot of talking about things that interest me, make me happy and piss me off.  Hopefully some of it will make for some entertaining reading.

Oh yes, the whole “blarg” thing…

Do yourself a huge favor and spend some time exploring redvsblue.com and xkcd.com.  That’ll explain it, and quite frankly, if you don’t find them amusing, you probably won’t like this blarg.

Chums up…let’s do this…

-The Mountain Boy/Urban Gent

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