Everyday I’m Muddering…

Hi folks,

I know that I have been absent for awhile, but I promise it was for a good reason.  Last weekend, my sister and my wife joined me in the collective insanity that is the Tough Mudder.  It consisted of a 12 mile course up and down the Beaver Creek ski resort in my home state of Colorado.  I finished exhausted, soaking wet, bruised, bleeding and electrocuted.  And almost immediatley I signed up to do another one.  It was a blast!

Now if you’ve been around the internet and looked at anything remotely related to fitness, I’m sure you have come across some link to a Spartan Race, or Warrior Dash or Tough Mudder.  Generally it involves running on trails for a specified distance while completing lots of various obstacles.  I won’t got through the full desciption of all of them, as yu can find that information online yourselves, but I do encourage you to take a look, then sign up with a bunch of friends and do one.  It was completely unlike any other event I’ve taken part in.

I think the biggest difference is just the general attitude of the Tough Mudder.  Sort of like golf (although a hell of a lot more interesting), it’s more about you vs. the course than you vs. the other folks there.  In fact, most everyone I saw was helping eachother out: either helping you climb up a wall of ice or pushing you to keep running.  And for some of those obstacles, you need that help.

I would definitely recommend training for the event.  The 12 mile distance alone is something to consider.  But it’s not like you need to devote every waking moment to it.  Get out running, and throw in some good ol’ fashioned calisthenics and you’ll be fine.  I do recommend heading to a park and swinging on the monkey bars.  Not only is that an obstacle on most of the courses, but it will prep you for the total body coordination that you’ll need for a lot of the obstacles.

So grab your friends and go have a great time while supporting the Wounded Warrior Project.  You’ll see people completing the course on prosthetics, and personally, I find that motivating as hell.  If they can do it, what’s your excuse?