Have Crossfit, Will Travel

Good morning everybody.  Again, a long hiatus from blogging, but I’m back!  I can’t believe my last post was back around Thanksgiving.  There’s been a lot going on since then.  My wife and I bought a new house (which we love), and work has been going absolutely bonkers, sending me to Mobile, AL for around 4 weeks, which brings me to the subject of todays post.

One thing I’ve discovered about Crossfit is that it’s quite easy to keep your workout routine going when you travel.  Not as easy as running, where all you need to do is remember your shoes, but from my limited travels since I started doing Crossfit regularly, most gyms are pretty happy to have you drop in.

In both Denver and Mobile, I was able to contact a local gym, and drop in for workout with nothing more than a class fee and signed waiver.  Now of course, you can use the gym provided by most hotels, but those vary wildly in quality, and I’ve never seen serious free weights available (probably a liability thing).

Crossfit Mobile has a really nice facility, and the coaches were very welcoming.  And as strange as it may sound, there was something about doing the warmups and WODs that was comfortable.  Like I wasn’t away from home.  Don’t get me wrong, burpees are still no fun, and squat-snatches should be abolished by law, but there was something about the loud music and clashing of barbels that made me feel like I was back at my home gym, Village Crossfit.

My wife has descibed that for her, it’s comforting to know that as a Catholic, she can go to mass pretty much anywhere in the US, and the format will be close to the same, as will some of the prayers and music.  And she has mentioned that she really likes this, as wherever she goes, there’s her faith to bring her back to something familiar.  Now, I’m not trying to suggest I’ve adopted Crossfit as a religion (although there are often invocations of a higher being, such as “Please God, no more double unders”), but I think I may understand a bit of what she was saying.  The workouts might not be comfortable, but it helps bring you back when you’re away from home.


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