Cold Brew Coffee – Part 2

Lately the weather here in Houston has just been freaking amazing.  It’s cool in the mornings, then it warms up with sunshine and a slight breeze, and most surprisingly, not much in the way of humidity (that won’t last).

However, I’m still the sort of person who tends to run hot, so I’ve started in again on the cold brew coffee.  And since my wife discovered my stash, I’ve had to start making a lot of it!

After a bit more internet research and some experimentation, I’ve modified my recipe somewhat.  Also, it helps that we have bought a scale:IMG_0029As mentioned before, I am a huge nerd, so the fact that I can now weigh out ingredients to the 100th of an ounce is just awesome.  My current ratio is now 2.5 oz to roughly 1 quart of water.  I say “roughly” because I mix this up in quart size mason jars (BTW, you should buy mason jars, you’ll end up using them for everything).  I add the ground coffee to the jar, and then fill it up, so the actual amount of water varies a little bit.

A few notes on brewing this way:

  • Don’t grind the coffee too fine.  I just use a blade style grinder and pulse it until I cannot see any full beans, and then I give it 1-2 more pulses.  I’ve considered getting a fancier burr grinder, but I just don’t know if I would be able to appreciate the difference.
  • Give it a shake.  I leave the jars out on the counter, and I try to shake them every few hours.  The coffee floats to the top, so try to keep it evenly distributed.
  • Filter twice.  I first pour the brew through a fine mesh sieve.  This catches about 95% of the ground coffee, and makes the second filtration much faster.  For the second pass, I put it through a reusable coffee filter.  This catches most of the remaining grounds, although some fine particles still make it through.
  • Mix 1:1 with water or milk.  If you’re feeling really decadent, throw in a tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk.  Make it closer to a Vietnamese coffee (which I love).

I like to mix mine up in a mason jar (see?  use them everywhere!) with ice.  You’d be surprised how fast it goes, so if it’s starting to get hot where you live, make up 2-3 batches at a time.  The concentrate seems to last pretty well in the fridge.  Bonus, on the weekends, you can spice it up with some Baileys or Kalua and really kick the morning off right.

I’ve also tried making larger batches using a fine mesh bag like this.  I’m still working on the correct ratio.  I tried the 2.5 oz per 2 quarts like with the mason jars, but then I realized I don’t actually use 2 quarts because the coffee displaces some of the volume.  I’ll probably try 3 oz of ground coffee next time.  I will say that using the bag is easier in terms of clean up, as you can skip the filtering when you remove the bag.  I’m sure this will come into its own once the temperature at 6 am is above 90 degrees.  Sooo…. next week probably.

Stay frosty my friends.


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