All 5k’s Should Be Sponsored by Breweries

So it’s been quite awhile since I ran a race of any kind.  Despite the competitive nature of Crossfit workouts, a dedicated race always seems to make me try a little harder, particularly when it’s a run.

I’ve been having trouble recently pushing myself on runs.  I’m not sure if it’s because last time I tried to ramp up my running, I hurt myself, or because I usually use the run portion of WODs to recover from the other exercises, or just because I’m lazy, but it’s been hard to do anything more than a pretty relaxed 3 mile run when I hit the streets.

But a race can change all that.  My last 3 runs before the race, I was averaging a 9:28 mile.  And no, this was not part of any designed taper.  This past Saturday at the Rahr and Sons Oktoberfest 5k?  7:48.  Yes, I’m sure that nicer weather had something to do with it, but I’m positive it was more the attitude that surrounds a race.  There’s always someone to chase down.  Always footsteps behind you (I HATE that).  And always some 80 year old who cruises by you like you’re standing still.  I’d honestly forgotten that feeling, but I am going to try to run some more races to keep that motivation.  My hope is that before I turn 30, I finish a 5k running a sub 7 minute mile.

And can I add that beer makes an AMAZING recovery drink.  Seriously.  It’s cold, refreshing, and I’m sure there’s some science to justify it as a carbohydrate replenishment in the same light as Gatorade.  And it tastes really good.  The only problem is when they give you 3 x 16 oz beers, and start the race at 9 am.  Given that I don’t eat a lot before a run, I had three beers on a mostly empty stomach after a run before 11 am.  Glad I wasn’t driving.  But as long as you’ve got someone to safely get you home, it makes a great incentive to bust your ass to the finish!

So get out there and race!

Do you DU?

Hello folks,

Today I’d like to talk to you about double unders.  I hate them.  I’m not good at them.  And as punishment for not being good at them, they cause me to whip myself.  But as they seem to be a staple of many a WOD, I am trying to get better at them.


My goal to get better was to 100 double unders Monday through Friday after work.  That hasn’t worked out well.  There was a trip to NC in there, and then I got sick, and also it reminded me of why I go to 5 am classes: I can find excuses not to workout in the afternoon.  There are always tasks to be done and errands to run.  At 5 am, there’s only the siren song of sleep, which while seductive, is overcome by the anger I would feel at wasting a paid-for class.

Anyway, back to double unders.  I find that I can do A (as in singular) double under without too much of a problem.  It’s the linking where I lose it.  I think my problem (other than lack of skill) is that as I try to increase my hand speed to get the two passes, I also start to jump faster, giving me less time to do the double under.  So what I’m doing is working on doing single-double-single.  It keeps my jump speed down, while still working on linked (more-or-less) double unders.  I’m hoping that eventually I’ll be able to drop the singles but keep the jump cadence.

Here are my times thus far:
Day 1 – 07:10
Day 2 – 05:21
Day 3 – 05:46

Even though it looks like regression, I think that Day 3 was better than Day 2.  It seemed more consistent.  And I think that will end up being more helpful in my goal of continuous double unders.  If any of you readers have any advice, please pass it on, because I’ll need all the help I can get.