100 Pushups – Week 1

Sorry to scare all the millions of followers of this blog, but rest assured, I am not dead!  Just busy/life getting in the way.  But I’m going to try and do a better job at keeping up with this.

So after watching the 2015 Crossfit Games, I’m forced to admit that I am never going to be capable of the ridiculous feats that I witnessed.  But I CAN try to get myself in a better position to tackle the workouts at Paper Street.  I haven’t set the lead score/time on a WOD since the 2 km row coach Michael made us do after 15.5.

I’d really like to focus on getting my pushups and pullups better.  While I managed to get a few muscle ups a few months ago, I seem to have lost it.  I think I need to focus first on my overall pulling strength before I take another crack at it.  Not only should that make it easier, but it should also make it less likely that I hurt myself.  Unfortunately, I do not have a pullup bar in my cubicle (it’s a shame).  But I do have a relaxed enough work environment where people don’t mind too much if I drop down to knock out a set of pushups.

I’ve never liked pushups.  Never.  I’ve never had an overabundance of upper body strength, so doing pushups has always been a bit hard.  I can do them, but they never look effortless.  So my plan is to aim for 100 each workday.  To start, I’m going with 10×10, but if I can get that down for a couple weeks, maybe I can push it to 10×15 or even 10×20.  If I can get to the point where I am doing a “Murph’s” worth of pushups 5 days a week, it’s got to help, right?