Unconventional WODs – Because who wants to sleep in on the weekend?

So the past week has been one of those where while I wasn’t super busy at work, the week WOULD. NOT. END.  And that’s even with taking Monday off to work on the sprinkler system (the system was set up to do a particularly good job of watering the gravel, so that had to be addressed),

Anyway, I was really looking forward to the weekend.  Some time to relax and unwind.  Even have a dinner party to go to with all the other people who suffered through the paleo challenge.  However, so that we don’t feel completely guilty when we chow down on all the non-healthy goodness, there was an unofficial WOD at the park today.


Ladies and gentlemen, meet “Gill”:


  • 2 person partner workout
  • Dumbbell Run, 1 mile
  • 100 Burpees
  • Dumbbell Run, 1 mile
  • 100 Push-ups/100 Jumping Squats
  • Dumbbell Run, 1.25 miles
  • 150 Dumbbell Snatches
  • 50 AbMat Sit-ups/50 Cross Overs/50 Leg Throwdowns

Switch off carrying dumbbell, all exercises with exception of abs to be split between partners, each partner to do all ab exercises (ALL 150 reps)

Our coach Emily came up with this one, and she also assigned the weights.  Usually I really like Emily: she’s very knowledgeable, makes sure you get your form right so you don’t hurt yourself, and is impossibly cheerful when we show up bleary-eyed for the 5 am WOD during the week; but who gives you a 50 lb dumbbell to run with for over 3 miles?  We’ve done some WODs with 400 m carries of 50 lb dumbbells, but this is thirteen times as far!(Actually, 50 lbs was probably appropriate, but it’s just in my nature to complain about workouts like this one, Emily’s still ok in my book).

For those of you who have never run with weights: it’s terrible.  Even if it’s not a particularly large weight, the awkward, unbalanced nature of it makes running so much harder.  Weighted vests would be your best option, followed perhaps by a pack, but handling a 50 lb mass of metal as you trundle along is tough.  Big shout out to Dan who suffered through it with me.  We managed to maintain a jog up to the second station, but after that, we had to start throwing in some walking.  I say that without shame.  IT.  WAS.  HEAVY!  Trading off, I tried to do my shift about 1/2 run, 1/2 walk.  The most comfortable position ended up having the weight behind my neck resting on both shoulders and using my arms to keep it from bouncing around too much.  Of course, this makes your arms very tired.  And I’m still pretty sure I’m going to have massive bruises all over my shoulders tomorrow.

Totally worth it.  And we managed to tie for second place on the run!

I know that I always feel better if I do something active on the weekend; probably just as much to assuage my guilt as to keep my body loose.  But it was also just fun to get outside with friends on a beautiful morning.  There’s something to be said for this kind of qasi-masochism.  Although CrossFit does a good job of keeping the workouts fresh, sometimes it’s nice to just throw it all to the side and do something completely out there.  We’ll see if I still feel the way tomorrow morning!


Races are Fun

Hi folks!

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, and I’m sorry to say that’s because I haven’t had much to report.  It was kind of a busy week, so I went back to some old staples for dinner, and I’m getting back to my normal workouts, which aren’t really interesting enough to write a post on.  Of course, the fact that they’re not that interesting might be telling me I need to switch it up.

Anyway, scrolling through Facebook today, I saw that some people I went to college with recently completed a “Zombie 5k”.  Quite frankly, a title like that deserves at least a Google search.  The all-mighty search engine will likely direct you to runforyourlives.com (I love the name).  If you’ve got a couple minutes, watch the video.  I’ve never seen a 5k look so intense.  I feel like I should do everything in my life in slow motion with pumping music in the background.

It’s funny, I’m really not one for most things zombie-related with the exception of the awesome game “Plants vs. Zombies”.  As an aside, if you haven’t played that game, buy it for your phone/iPad/computer, call in sick for the week, and prepare to start shuffling around your home muttering “bwainz”.  Anyway, like I was saying, despite the fact that I’m not really into the whole horror genre, the idea of running an obstacle race that has the added element of dodging zombies really appeals to me.  It’s a constantly evolving obstacle, and there’s that little part of everyone that wonders how they would fare in a zombie apocalypse.  Or is that just me?

But it got me thinking about the races I’ve done.  Quite frankly, my list is not too impressive.  A local 5k, a 5k mud run, a Tough Mudder and a half-marathon.  I’m highly confident there are 14 year olds out there with more races under their belts.  But I have to say, if you’ve ever thought about signing up for one, do it.  I think it helps motivate you to train for something, you often get free food and t-shirts, and perhaps the biggest reason of all: races are fun.

Take the Colorado Tough Mudder.  The course was 2 miles longer than advertised, I was routinely submerged in sub-40 degree water, I got hit with 10,000 volts of electricity IN MY EAR, and I still had a great time!  There’s something about being around a group of people who are all out there to accomplish something.  Sure you might be racing against them, but the atmosphere of common goal and achievement overrules it.  Also, that little bit of competition will help drive you a little harder.  Of course, it’s even better if you get to take on these challenges with some buddies, so grab your friends, pick a race, and just think how much better that beer will taste when you’ve done a race beforehand.